World Tinnitus Day will be held in Autumn 2019. Make sure to follow Restored Hearing and World Tinnitus Day on Facebook and Twitter to get involved.


What is World Tinnitus Day?

World Tinnitus Day is sponsored by Restored Hearing and it is the first global initiative to bring people, organisations and businesses together to learn about and raise awareness of tinnitus.

The problem of tinnitus is a global health issue, and one that is affecting increasing numbers of people year on year. Although some progress has been made, many patients and doctors are still unaware of the options available to tinnitus sufferers. Furthermore, with the use of hearing protection and noise reduction technologies, many people can prevent themselves from ever having a significant hearing problem. This is knowledge that needs to be shared.

Join us in raising awareness about tinnitus by supporting the initiative, we have included the campaign posters at the bottom of this page to make it easy for you to share! You could also run your own event. Want more information? Contact us by tweet @Restoredhearing or email at

About Restored Hearing

We aim to rid the world of avoidable hearing damage. We do this with two products - Sound Relief tinnitus sound therapy and Sound Bounce responsive hearing protection.

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